• How are these Israel trips different from Birthright?

    These trips offer a much more comprehensive educational experience than the Birthright trips. Sure, you'll get to tour the land, meet fascinating people, and enjoy Israeli cuisine, but you'll also experience a different dimension of Israel as you explore your Jewish heritage and interact with some of the finest Jewish educators in the land.

  • What is the cost of these trips?

    Generally, the trips listed here range from $299 to $699. These low prices are only available thanks to subsidies offered by generous donors and foundations who recognize the value of a positive Israel experience. The prices include airfare, tours, classes, accommodations, meals, etc.

  • Is there anything not covered by these prices?

    Yes. You will have to pay to develop your own photos and for any souvenirs that you buy for your friends and family back home.

  • Who else is going?

    Young Jewish adults spanning all Jewish affiliations, including the unaffiliated as well. If you’re Jewish, you’re a suitable candidate. Expect to find professionals, university students, artists, musicians, philosophy majors, nerds, and anyone else you can imagine. Like we said, if you’re Jewish and looking to explore your personal connection to your Jewish roots and to Israel, there’s probably a spot for you on one of these trips.

  • For what ages are these trips?

    Most of our trips are up to mid 30s, but we also offer trips for up to mid 60s. If you contact us, we'll be glad to tell you about them.

  • How many participants are in a group?

    Depending on the trip you register for, expect to find anywhere between 15 to 40 participants.

  • How long are these trips?

    The length of these trips range anywhere from 10 days to 6 weeks. Many programs offer the option to stay on longer, if you choose to do so.

  • Where can I stay if I decide to extend my trip in Israel?

    We highly recommend that you stay at the Heritage House, which is a free youth hostel in the Old City of Jerusalem.

    Added bonus: the Heritage House provides free Internet access.

    There are 2 Heritage Houses in the Old City – For men and for women

  • What if I decide to stay and study in Israel?

    That's actually quite common. After spending a few days/weeks in Israel, many students decide to take some time off and delve deeper into learning and exploring their Jewish roots, in the Holy Land. To learn more about your choices of programs and available scholarships, just visit www.studyinisrael.org
  • How will I know all these details?

    Read the information provided about any trip that looks interesting. We have done our best to offer the most comprehensive information available and as soon as we know more, we post it. If you’re still not sure, feel free to contact us or the organizers of the trip, and someone will get back to you.

  • Will I have any free time?

    Of course. There’s plenty of free time on all of these trips to visit family, meet up with old pals, pick up an extra falafel, hit the Kotel, or just chill out.

  • What about security?

    Security in Israel is serious business and the trip planners know this as well. As a general rule, expect to visit places in Israel that are proven to be safe. There won’t be any midnight jaunts in Gaza, and give up on getting that picture standing on top of the Security Barrier. When necessary, armed soldiers accompany the groups to ensure maximum security.

  • Are there any religious requirements?

    No! That’s not what these trips are all about. If you want to be more religious, go ahead but no one’s going to push you to do so. You will get to meet folks who are passionate about Judaism and willing to share their knowledge in an open, ‘real life’ format.  You’ll have a window into a vibrant, welcoming Judaism with answers to questions that you may not have even thought about yet, but surely will at some point.

  • What if I was never Bar Mitzvah’ed?

    You too? Last we checked, none of these trips require a Bar or Bat Mitzvah in order to be eligible. Like we said earlier, if you’re Jewish…[you know the rest by now.]

  • Still got questions?

    No problem. In case you still don’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to contact us and ask.