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We are offering subsidized trips this season to many destinations including Poland, Scotland, Brazil, Costa Rica, Morocco and more. We are also offering retreats ranging from weekends to weeklong at various locations throughout the USA!

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Israel Trips

Volunteer and Solidarity Trips



This Spring and Summer, we're offering a variety of fantastic, very subsidized trips which offer opportunities to volunteer in Israel


Price: As low as $199 including airfare!


Contact us and let us know when you're available, and we'll try to make it work for you. 

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Birthright Israel / Israel Free Spirit

(co-ed) Ages 18-26

The Birthright Israel trip covers roundtrip airfare plus 10 days of accommodations and unique programs in Israel. Any Jewish young adult aged 18-26 is eligible to apply for the gift unless they have been to Israel on a peer-group program after the age of 18.

One of the trip organizers is Israel Free Spirit, which we highly recommend.

Price: This trip is a gift from Birthright Israel

Website: http://www.israelfreespirit.com


* Direct application link *

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JLE Solidarity Mission


Jewish learning exchange

The Jewish Learning Exchange gives Jewish men from diverse backgrounds and affiliations an opportunity to explore Israel and what it means to be Jewish. The JLE is famous for its extensive touring program ranging from half day & full day expeditions around Jerusalem to 3 day tours up to the Golan, to the Galilee and down to the Negev.


JLE Connect offers introductory skills for learning the Talmud and Chumash Basic Hebrew skills acquired through Ulpan, a greater understanding & appreciation of practical Jewish living, and a greater understanding of Jewish personal development.


JLE: June 25 - July 9, 2024

JLE Connect: June 25 - July 16, 2024

Price: $499 (including airfare)

Website: JLE  & JLE Connect

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Akiva offers a unique mix of experiential and soulful experiences, designed for the student who is interested in exploring their Jewish background and history. Akiva takes 40 hand-picked students from across North America and offers them a unique blend of workshops and tours all while living in the ancient Old City of Jerusalem. This will be a trip to Israel, which you'll cherish for a lifetime.


May 27 - June 10, 2024

August 19- September 3, 2024

Price: $299 (Trip value - $3500)

Website: http://akivatrip.com/

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(men and women)


jInternship partners with over eight hundred companies in Israel and North America. The result: you’ll be sure to land a quality international internship in your field that will give you a competitive edge in achieving your career goals.  Qualified and motivated college students/recent college graduates are placed with top-notch professional internships and semester-long work co-ops in a wide array of fields.  jInternship runs in cooperation with dozens of exciting peer-based Jewish Learning Programs in both Israel and North America. More than just an internship, you’ll have a chance to connect to new Jewish friends and your heritage in a deep and meaningful way.


May 19, 2014 through Sept. 17, 2014 (4 months)
June 15, 2014 through Oct. 26, 2014 (4 months)

Check out website for dates of the various programs. 

Price: Costs vary, depending on the session you join

Website: www.jinternship.com

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Israel Recharge

co-ed, ages 22-32


Israel Recharge is an incredible opportunity for young Jewish professionals from all backgrounds and affiliations who would like to experience Israel, explore their Jewish roots, and inspire their soul. Recharge is perfect if you've been on a trip to Israel with Birthright before, but open to anyone, even if you've never been before.

Dates: TBD

 $850 including airfare

Website: http://www.israelrecharge.com/

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ALT Israel

ALT Israel

The Academy of Life Training (ALT) is the ideal environment for developing life skills while growing from a great internship in Israel. With locations in Jerusalem and also in the Tel Aviv area, students work in the morning at top internships in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem and then participate in small interactive discussion groups in the afternoon.  Evenings are generally free time.

The ALT staff show students how to analyze and develop themselves in three central areas: social life, spiritual life, and professional life. Students will see the practical benefits that Jewish Wisdom has to offer with regards to establishing a healthy outlook and life balance.  Find yourself… before you find a job!

Upcoming program dates: see website for details

Price: $399 + Airfare

Website: https://jinternship.com/

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File:RAJE logo.gif - Wikimedia Commons

At RAJE our goal is to provide FSU millennials with the positive Jewish experiences they need, to help them find meaning in their Jewish heritage, and to fall in love with the experience of everything Jewish.  Through our programs and trips, the participants learn about their Jewish heritage while exploring their Jewish identity and developing their own unique leadership potential.



Stay tuned to upcoming dates

Price: FREE for qualifying participants (Full-time students) $299 for non-full-time students     

Website: www.rajeusa.com

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Hasbara Fellowships



Hasbara Fellowships, educates and trains university students to be effective pro-Israel activists on their campuses. Based in the Old City of Jerusalem, Hasbara Fellows spend time traveling the city as well as other important sites in the country including strategic military sites, borders with neighboring countries, etc. The program is for university undergraduates who have at least two semesters left on campus.

Upcoming program dates:

May 19, 2024 - May 30, 2024

June 16, 2024 - June 24, 2024

Price: $499 + $250 Refundable Deposit

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MEOR Vision

(men & women) 20's


Based in Jerusalem, MEOR Vision is two-weeks of high level Torah study, Jewish education, and Jewish leadership training.  MEOR Vision is interactive and personal. Together with outstanding Jewish educators and a dynamic peer group, you will delve into Talmudic discourse, acquire new skills in concentrated study of Jewish texts, learn leadership theory and technique, and focus on personal character development.  The program includes a customized individual learning component, where you will learn and develop a topic of your choice.  Inspiring shabbatonim, exciting evening activities and on-site classes all add to the unparalleled experience.

Upcoming program dates:

May 22 - June 3, 2024

Price: $450 (including airfare)

Website:  https://meor.org/vision

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MJE Heritage Trip

Volunteer trip

manhattan jewish experience

Young professionals - 20's & 30's

This is your opportunity to experience and adventure and to see the deeper side of Israel.  Join MJE as we tour the country, learn the history of our people, and connect to the spiritual foundations our the land.  The trip is a combination of fun, touring, learning and enjoying all Israel has to offer with a dynamic tour guide and the MJE staff.

Date:  July 28 - August 4, 2024 

Price: Super subsidized trip. Contact us for the breakdown

Website: https://www.israelfreespirit.com/volunteer/volunteer-dates/

Contact: israel@jewishexperience.org

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NCSY Summer Trips


ncsy summer

NCSY Summer is more than just summer trips. They are one of the most meaningful and memorable experiences of a person’s life. NCSY runs fourteen unique summer programs in the US, Israel and Europe that cater to teens with different interests and backgrounds.

Dates and prices vary. Please see website for full details.

Website: https://summer.ncsy.org/

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CTeen Summer Trips


CTeen Summer General Logo (3).png

CTeen summer trips offer teens a unique opportunity to meet and connect with Jewish teens from all over the world for an extended period of time. Self-discovery, adventure, bonding with peers, and appreciating group dynamics are essential during the adolescent years when children are transformed into adults.  


Website:  https://www.cteensummer.com/

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short term study program for men


STEP is a three week program designed to: Give you an authentic taste of what it is like to study in Yeshiva. Give you the skills necessary to study Talmud and other texts without translation. Inspire you and strengthen your commitment to Torah and Mitzvot.



May 12th – May 30th 2024

July 7th – July 25th 2024

Website: https://step.org.il/

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(Moms and Dads)

The TAG Experience

The Jewish Women's Renaissance Project offers men and women all over the world a special gift; a highly subsidized, 9 day action-packed trip to Israel and experience what it means to Transform and Grow. The excitement of touring, learning, and sharing on this trip with other parents from all walks of life, is unforgettable.

Upcoming Trips:

Many trips planned from cities throughout North America. Check website for details.

Price: Trips are highly subsidized. Check website for additional details.

Website: JWRP (for Moms) MoMENtum (for Dads)

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Mechina / Nevey

Short-term study program (women)


Mechina introductory program, is designed for the curious and inquisitive young Jewish woman, with little or no background in Judaic studies. Mechina strengthens Jewish identity through Jewish education, and demonstrates the relevance of Judaism in today’s world. Students tackle life’s toughest personal, philosophical and theological issues in a sensitive and thoughtful environment. A spirit of open exchange permeates the classroom where the students are encouraged to question and interact with some of the most stimulating teachers in today's Jewish world.

Upcoming programs:

Program is offered on a continuous, year-round basis. You can choose which dates work best for you. You can join at any time and choose to stay anywhere between two weeks to the full session.


Price: Various scholarships available for qualified students

Website: http://nevey.org/

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Short-term study program (women)


She'arim College of Jewish Studies for Women offers an exceptional approach to education that combines personalized teaching, textual study skills and an integrative approach to personal growth. She'arim relates to each student as a unique person, individualizing schedules and classes as necessary.

Upcoming program dates:

Various tracks and dates available. Please check site for details.

Price: Tuition for short term programs is $250 per week and the dorm is $100 per week. She’arim’s policy is not to turn anyone away for financial reasons. Special scholarships are available.

Website: http://www.shearim.com

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